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Monday, May 12, 2014

Agen Gasa Makassar

Permanent Erection MIGHTY Although It "Exit"
Durable, Overcome Impotence, Weak lust
Add Power & Increase Libido

SAFE & LEGAL Registered In POM RI
Register POM No.: 132 373 761

Gasa (Gallant Perkasa) is a direct recommendation of Herbal Products Boyke Dian Nugraha,

NOT a recommendation at all sales / distributor / marketing / selling drugs artisans but

by highly skilled experts directly on reproductive health and health


Did you know on the internet & market sold a powerful drug that is harmful to ILLEGAL

your health? Do not bet your life with powerful drugs carelessly!

GASA is 100% herbal product, a solution for those of you who need a herbal product

"Virility" SAFE, LEGAL & HIGH QUALITY! not easy to get the product

Thus classmates, GASA made man "admired" in the eyes of his wife, without side effects

detrimental as the powerful drugs in general

Muira puama herb & EPIMEDII HERBA not "cheap", not the usual kind of herb you

might find on herbal products in the market in general.

Muira puama is a rare herb from the Brazilian Amazon is used by native tribes for

repairing libido and extra power!

Epimedii herb is a popular herb recommended by herbalists the world, Herba

epimedi Epimediumgrandiflorum derived from plants. Since 2000 years ago, Herba epimedii

in mainland China is used as a natural sexual arousal boosters (Natural aphrodisiac) with

alkaloid content of Icariin and at the same time improving the quality of erections.

Herba Epimedii serves to:

Optimizing the function of testosterone.
Help for the weak libido due to stress (because of busy high).
Blood circulation.
Improving quality and long lasting erections with capillary blood vessels dilate
Safe for people with heart & Diabetes.
Comfortable for people with high blood pressure and cholesterol.
Not cause dependence.
Does not cause heart palpitations.
Increase the production of androgens (male sex hormones)
Fix the sperm count in men

So you are not wrong to buy a product, consider the translation of "free" from:
Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction, using language that is easily understood by the layman.

Release of sperm faster than desired, patients with premature ejaculation can have

erection problems, or may not,
IF not have erection problems, just use FOREDI alone.
IF erection is also problematic (easy exit + vital organs lackluster) use FOREDI + GASA

Erectile Dysfunction (ED):
Can not erect hard (vital organs weak / sluggish) and often has not happened ejaculation or

can ejaculate but weak erection, for erection problems but the solution is not FOREDI

GASA product, which is also well-known reproductive health expert recommendations: Boyke Dian Nugraha.

Official Website POM RI: WWW.POM.GO.ID
Erection remain MIGHTY despite being out / ejaculation.
Improves erectile function, overcome erectile dysfunction (ED)
Alleviate the problem of impotence in men
Increase male libido couples make the relationship more "Pumped"!
No headache, no such powerful drugs in general
Does not make the heart flutter, safe for the heart.
Safe for people with diabetes
Erection NOT SPONTANEOUS (not forcing the heart to pump quickly) so it is safe for

heart, eyes, brain and vital organs of our body.
The new erection occurs when there is physical stimulation / mind / vision.
Adding blood circulation to his vital organs, relieve premature ejaculation (ED) of the

so it is suitable for use in conjunction with FOREDI
Giving extra power as well as maintaining the balance of sex hormones
OFFICIAL legality and certification of the POM: 132 373 761

Each will have sex with my wife, my orgasm difficult and often fail

on the way in because of fatigue due to the amount of work, activities outside of making

body weak and tired.

The frequent failure associated with each wife, then my wife suggested that I

capsules drink GASA, GASA turns me so extraordinary spirit back if

associated with the wife. And no longer fell through, the body also feels healthy.

GASA not only for sex but also to the consumption of health

and increase vitality and stamina.
(Mr. Andi Baso, SH - Palu)

"I think Mantabbbb nihhh tantamount to a powerful herbal medicine man that I often encounter

on the market, the price is cheaper but the quality is very jauhhhhh GASA dehhh! apparently

the price is not going boong too! Powerful top markotop!!! "
(Mr. Rahmat - Cirebon)

"I am a strong pill users (chemical raw materials) and the like in the market,

spontaneous erection heck does my head hurt but not ketulungan, jantungpun pounding

worried about the health of the article based on my read of such drugs make the heart

work extra hard, pumping blood to all parts of the body, consequently no side effects,

but after trying GASA edannnnn tremendous usefulness without headaches, without pounding,

just try and see for yourself!!! "
(Mr. Doddy - Surabaya)

"Morning sir ... because it has not fully trust the efficacy of drugs GASA (Gallant Mighty), the

I drink one morning and tomorrow evening drink anymore, wah ... wah ... his erection was

super duper awesome!!!!! thank introduced to herbal products that are safe, legal &

Department of Health certification! I no longer arbitrarily taking powerful drugs, lives just the only

sihh :-) .... "
(Mr. Mukti - Jakarta)

"I am a loyal customer FOREDI so I immediately knew GASA combined, wahhh kerenn

blend truly without equal! KO my wife many times couples relationship :)

we also are more harmonious life .... my wife also wipes Majakani ... thank ya ... "
(Mr. Gunarso - jakarta)

*) The results differ for each man because the body is also different.
**) There is a lot of satisfaction from our customer testimonials we have received,

testimonials pseudonym for customer privacy.

Read ILLEGAL DRUG NEWS seized BPOM, click on this link:


Be taken 2-3 hours before intercourse,
once drank (1-2 capsules) for 3 days (before eating)
so the first day take 1 capsule, 2 day or 3 = 1 capsule

* The most optimal results obtained after drinking on day 2 and further.
* In each guy is different depending on the length of time erection problems.


PRIME PRICE: Rp. 240.000, -
1 box = contains 4 capsules

1. State the full name
2. Indicate complete delivery address
3. Mention how the box GASA
4. Mention Bank will use to transfer

Send to no hp: 081356566599

Example SMS:
Ronggo Wijoyo, a message box GASA 2, Jalan Cirebon Kingdom # 10 RT 01 RW02 Sub Wetan the District

Kulon, 18750 Yogyakarta - Central Java, via BCA

Send it to no: 081356566599

- Then we will return the total price + postage + bank brand.
- Confirm your payment after the transfer via SMS
- Packages sent neat (plain to maintain your privacy)

Dear wife? Book It!
Want GREAT combination of GASA? wife for overwhelmed!
Combine with Herbal Rub LEGENDARY: GEL FOREDI
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites
January 22-27, Daytona Beach, FL
February 4-8, San Diego, CA
AAAS Annual Meeting
Feb. 16-20, Vancouver, Canada
AAFS 64th Annual Scientific Meeting
Feb. 20-25, Atlanta, GA
Pittcon 2012
March 11-15, Orlando, FL
ACS Spring 2012 National Meeting & Exposition
March 25-29, San Diego, CA
Spring MRS
April 9-12, San Francisco, CA
April 17-20, Munich
Experimental Biology 2012
April 21-25, San Diego, CA
SVC 2012
April 28-May 3, Santa Clara, CA
May 1-3, New York City, NY
Sample Prep 2012
May 3-4, San Diego, CA
CLEO 2012
May 6-11, San Jose, CA
Chemtech Cairo Exhibition & Conference 2012
May 6-8, Cairo, Egypt
ISSF 2012
May 13-16, San Francisco, CA
7th Annual Eigenvector University
May 13-18
ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics
May 20-24, Vancouver, Canada
AAPS National Biotechnology Conference
May 21-23, San Diego, CA
European Lab Automation 2012
May 30-31, Hamburg Germany
HPLC 2012
June 16-20, Anaheim, CA
June 18-22, Frankfurt
2012 BIO International Convention
June 18-21, Boston, MA
June 25-28, Las Vegas, Nevanda
SEMICON West 2012
July 10-12, San Francisco, CA
M&M 2012
July 29- Aug. 2, Phoenix, AZ
244th ACS National Meeting & Exposition
Aug. 19-23, Philadelphia, PA
SCIX 2012
Sept. 30- Oct. 4, Kansas City, KS
Gulf Coast Conference
Oct. 9-10, Galveston, TX
Neuroscience 2012
Oct. 13-17, New Orleans, LA
AAPS 2012 Annual Meeting & Exposition
Oct. 12-18, Chicago, IL
AVS 59th International Symposium and Exhibition
Oct. 28- Nov. 2, Tampa, FL
2012 Eastern Analytical Symposium
Nov. 12-15, Somerset, NJ
2012 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit
Nov. 26-30, Boston, MA
ASCB Annual Meeting
Dec. 15-19, San Francisco, CA
Baca Selengkapnya - Events

Liquid is More Liquid than Water

Previous theories imposed a limit on how “liquid” fluids can be. Recent results at the Vienna Univ. of Technology suggest that this limit can be broken by a quark-gluon plasma, generated by heavy-ion collisions in particle accelerators.

How liquid can a fluid be? This is a question particle physicists at the Vienna Univ. of Technology have been working on. The “most perfect liquid” is nothing like water, but the extremely hot quark-gluon-plasma which is produced in heavy-ion collisions at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. New theoretical results at Vienna UT show that this quark-gluon plasma could be even less viscous than was deemed possible by previous theories. The results were published in Physical Review Letters and highlighted as an editors’ selection.

Liquids and their Viscosity
Highly viscous liquids (such as honey) are thick and have strong internal friction, quantum liquids, such as super fluid helium can exhibit extremely low viscosity. In 2004, theorists claimed that quantum theory provided a lower bound for viscosity of fluids. Applying methods from string theory, the lowest possible ratio of viscosity to the entropy density was predicted to be h/4p (with the Planck-constant h). Even super fluid helium is far above this threshold. In 2005, measurements showed that quark-gluon-plasma exhibits a viscosity just barely above this limit. However, this record for low viscosity can still be broken, claims Dominik Steineder from the Institute for Theoretical Physics at Vienna UT. He obtained this remarkable result working as a PhD-student with Prof. Anton Rebhan.

Black Holes and Particle Collisions
The viscosity of a quark-gluon plasma cannot be calculated directly. Its behavior is so complicated that very sophisticated methods have to be applied, says Anton Rebhan: “Using string theory, the quantum field theory of quark-gluon plasma can be related to the physics of black holes in higher dimensions. So we are solving equations from string theory and then transfer the results to the physics of the quark-gluon plasma.” The previously established lower bound for viscosity was calculated in a very similar way. However, in these calculations the plasma was modeled to be symmetric and isotropic. “In fact, a plasma produced by a collision in a particle accelerator is not isotropic at the beginning”, says Anton Rebhan. The particles are accelerated and collided along one specific direction – so the resulting plasma shows different properties, depending on the direction from which one looks at it.

Breaking the Limits
The physicists at Vienna UT found a way to include this anisotropy in their equations – and surprisingly the limit for the viscosity can be broken in this new model. “The viscosity depends on several other physical parameters, but it can be lower than the number previously considered to be the absolute lower bound”, Dominik Steineder explains. The on-going quark-gluon-experiments at CERN will provide opportunities for testing the new theoretical predictions.

Source: Vienna Univ. of Technology
Baca Selengkapnya - Liquid is More Liquid than Water

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